Needing some work on your vehicle?  Is your car making the funny, ticking sound.  Are you nervous the mechanic you go to will take advantage of you?  Who can you take your vehicle to that will be honest with you?

Joseph Poveromo is the best choice of mechanics!  He owns Mobile Joe’s.  His business is a mobile auto repair.  That’s right, MOBILE.  No more having to dry your vehicle to the shop and sit in the waiting room next to the person that smells funny for 2 hours.  He can work on your car in the parking lot of your work if needed!

The other great thing about Joe, is he only recommends what is needed.  No frivolous work will be done on your vehicle!  Joe is ASE(Automotive Service Excellence) Master Certified.  His specialty is used car inspections.  Been eyeing that car for sale at the house down the street?  Joe would be a great asset in deciding if you should purchase that vehicle or not!

Joseph Poveromo

Mobile Joe’s Auto Repair

Contact: 678-428-8953

Hours: 8a-6p