Pest Control

There’s a bee’s nest outside.  You see them swarming around and looking to sting anything within 10 feet.  You decide to suit up with your leather jacket, thickest jeans you have, motorcycle helmet, and duct tape around all possible openings.  You then grab a spray can that you hope will kill the bees along with a bag to hurry up and cover the nest with.  Before you go down this path, you should seriously consider calling someone first!

Hudi Jay Sandgreen is the man to call!  He owns Sterling Pest Control and has been in the business for 32 years!  He makes sure he arrives on time for your appointment and not during a 4 hour window only to show up within the last 10 minutes.  Hudi does all the basic insecticides(minus termites-however, he works very closely with people that do termites), but he specializes in bee/wasp treatments.  So don’t dress up like you know what you’re doing, just call someone who actually does!

Hudi Jay Sandgreen

Sterling Pest Control

Phone: 404-216-2848

Hours: M-F 10a-3p