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Are you looking to buy your first house?  What about upgrade to a bigger house?  Or, maybe you just want to refinance your existing house for a lower payment?  With so many organizations saying they can give you the best deal, who can you trust?  Do you really know they will give you the best deal?

Elizabeth Croxton with Kennedy Financial Inc. is a great asset to have looking for the best deal for you!  She has been in business for 18 years!  She is an expert with difficult loan scenarios and low credit scores.  She will not dismiss you simply due to a low credit score.  She specializes in jumbo loans above 417k, FHA, conventional, VA, and USDA loans with great credit or credit as low as 560!

Elizabeth is truly passionate about what she does.  She lights up when she is able to help someone get that loan to purchase their dream home.  She is absolutely someone that will work hard for you!

Elizabeth Croxton

Kennedy Financial Inc.

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