So I am going to try this blogging thing. In order to get it started, I figured I needed to discuss myself and my credentials for even having a blog in the first place.
I was born in Dover, Del. My Dad was in the air force and was stationed at Dover Air Force Base where he worked on airplanes. We moved down to Georgia when my Dad got a job for Delta. My Mom has worked as a medical coder for a long time. Safe to say I get most of my medical interest from her.
I grew up in Fayette County and started working at a veterinary clinic when I was just 14. I worked in the kennel walking and feeding dogs and caring for cats. After a year there, I started working at an animal emergency clinic. I was able to see a lot of different cases and learned a lot! I worked there through my undergrad at Clayton College University. I got accepted to University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007 and graduated with my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. Once I graduated, I started working at a clinic in Buford, Ga. I worked there at Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett for two years. After two years I decided it was time for me to branch out on my own. I started looking for clinics that were for sale and found Lawrenceville-Suwanee Animal Hospital. It was a single doctor practice and seemed like a good fit for me! I got the banks approval and Dr. Karous’ approval and closed on July 9th 2013! So exciting!!!
Well that’s my history, briefly at least. If you are still reading, I will start to tell you about who I am. I try not to take myself too seriously and I try to have a good time. I enjoy the outdoors and exercising. Although I am not a fan of running. I don’t know if it is because it is boring to me or just because I can hardly breathe after a quarter mile. I have recently purchased a Yamaha Cruiser Motorcycle and thoroughly enjoy riding on our pretty spring and fall days. Being from Georgia, I enjoy watching my football team! So for the Auburn, Florida and Tech fans, I do have to apologize for the red and black you will see on me in the clinic. 🙂 I really enjoy working with clients to help keep pets healthy. Whether I am seeing a pet’s healthy growth or recovery from an illness, their health and quality of life are of the utmost importance! Even going through the toughest times with clients, it’s an honor to be trusted by so many people about their pet’s best interest. And on a more serious note, there is a reason I am attempting this blog.
In the internet age, everyone goes to Dr. Google for their answers. I know many people that do not want to make calls because they are not comfortable talking to the person on the other end or they just don’t want to bother them. This will be for clients that want to check online to see if something is a true concern and to just get some more education about their animals. I am going to talk about different topics relating to veterinary medicine from emergencies to vaccines to diet. This way I know all my clients and new clients are getting the same information from me whether they are in the clinic in front of me or looking at their computers.
I know this is a very long written introduction but I just wanted to get started somewhere. I would really appreciate comments below as far as if you would like to see more blogs, what kind of conversations you would like to see, and how I could make this more interesting. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and I hope to get more out very soon!


  1. I think this is a great start. It’s nice that clients can read information from their own veterinarian’s words rather than having to visit google and beyond to get answers that may not be accurate. The best thing for pet ownership is education and staying informed on how to best care for an animal. Just knowing what is needed when getting a puppy/kitten is a good start (vaccines, foods, training, etc.) that many are not aware of when making that commitment to care for an animal. This blog is a wonderful idea especially in this day and age of technology.

  2. We just want to express our satisfaction with Dr. Pope’s opinions and expertise in treating and caring for our two dogs. We have been with him and his office since March 2014. We are very pleased with the way our dogs have been treated. Although we mostly board them (sometimes twice a month) we value his knowledge and caring attitude. One of our dogs is sixteen years of age and the last time we boarded them, he checked on them daily. We very much appreciate that and have confidence in his abilities to treat our pets. He is very personable and so is his staff. It’s been a pleasure to meet them. They are always helpful.