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As you pull up to your house, you notice about 20 shingles are flipped up.  You think about climbing on the roof to fix them, but you only do that once every 5 years and don’t want to risk falling.  At this point, let’s get someone who knows how to maneuver roofs!

Byron Mueller with JC Contractors and Renovations will climb up on your roof and let you know what needs to be fixed, without any unnecessary work.  His company is very hands on and it is all his employees doing the work, not random people found on the side!  They specialize in roofing, painting, siding and carpentry.  Pretty much if it can be done to your house, he can do it!  They offer free consultations or inspections!  This gives you the chance to meet them with no obligation!  Don’t chance falling off your roof!  Let the professionals handle it!

Byron Mueller

J C Contractors and Renovations

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