Affordable Medicare Solutions

Healthcare can be very confusing. Do you have enough coverage? What if you get struck by lighting, is that covered? What if a meteor from the sky breaks your big toe, is that covered? With our ever changing healthcare, it could be very beneficial to have someone working with you that specializes in this field. They could help make sure you have everything you need covered. They will think of the random occurrences that never crossed your mind! So who could you ask to make sure your coverage is good?

In steps Keith Nabb. He owns Affordable Medicare Solutions. They are an Education based agency. They teach their clients the options they have and let them choose from a list of major insurers. They represent all of the major companies. They specialize in Obamacare, Health Insurance, Medicare, Disabled persons services. They have a staff of 6 available for service and enrollment. Keith Nabb himself is a popular speaker on Medicare and Health Insurance Reform. These are the people to contact if you need to know if your coverage is good enough. They can also help if you have a business and need to know if offering insurance through your company is worth it! They have been in business an amazing 20 years!

Keith Nabb

Affordable Medicare Solutions

Contact: 770-945-5261

Hours: 9a-5:30p daily, appointments in evenings and weekends are available



Don’t wait to figure out you don’t have good coverage. Call Affordable Medical Solutions today to figure out if you have any gaps in your coverage!